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5 Ways You Can Treat Your Team

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Dec 19, 2019 12:45:37 PM

It’s the little things that count! With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve been thinking about what we can gift our fab team with this year!

Employees need to feel valued and cared for; our team are not our family, but they spend the biggest chunk of their day with us, so we want them to be happy in our company.

But it’s not all about raises, mandatory “parties” or free fruit bowls on a Monday.

In the spirit of Christmas, here are five ways you can gift your team...

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How To Conduct Effective Team Meetings (Why Less Is More)

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Dec 2, 2019 12:14:16 PM

It’s that time of day again! What time is that? Blueberry muffin time? Dairy Milk o ‘clock? Sadly, not.

It’s time for another meeting - so avoid your people hating you with these tips for a more effective team meeting…

Team meetings are loathed and despised in offices nationwide – but team meetings are often very necessary.

Sometimes it’s not about the information at hand - it’s about making sure everyone is on the same page. However, there are easy, convenient ways to communicate with your employees in 2019, so when you just can’t stop yourself from calling yet another meeting, keep the following in mind:

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It’s Equal Pay Day, So Stand Up Ladies!

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Nov 13, 2019 4:05:05 PM

Jack and Jill could go up the hill and bring back one hundred apples between them. But Accounts Payable sends a nice £10 to Jack for his troubles, and a less-than-impressive £7 to Jill for the same amount of work. Those pesky XX chromosomes again!

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Workplace Harassment: Nearer The Top Than You Might Expect

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Nov 11, 2019 12:33:58 PM

The British Medical Association is allegedly a hotbed of sexism and general diminishment of women but in the wake of #MeToo, were we really that surprised by this news?

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Stand Up To Gender Bias (With Unconscious Bias Training!)

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Oct 10, 2019 4:12:25 PM

We're living in a new era of self-identity and every day seems to mark another new success in the battle against the gender 'isms'. But we can’t be fooled by virtue signalling or clever marketing…

Now that a few weeks have passed, I thought I'd take a moment to look back on this news story from the BBC of a couple who have decided to raise their new baby "genderless" - as neither a girl or boy.

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5 Tips For An Amazing Meeting (With Zero People Falling Asleep At Your Words!)

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Sep 20, 2019 12:37:38 PM

If you asked ten office workers what the biggest drain on their productivity is, I’m guessing at least 4 of them would say ‘meetings!’ Of all the ways to not spend your time well, we can also count never taking a break, working frequent overtime for little to no reward, and continuously moving that one diary item that you don’t really want to face.

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Will Your Workplace Unconscious Bias Hit Epidemic Levels?

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Sep 2, 2019 3:57:00 PM

Many of us have that friend who has confided in us over drinks, ‘They treat me awfully at work. And I’m sure it’s because I’m the only one who’s not white.’

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It's Not Easy Being The New Guy: Banter In The Workplace & The Pressure To Conform

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Aug 15, 2019 5:20:00 PM

New graduates who may be starting their first "real" job this September could find themselves in a sticky situation: walking into a regressive workforce in which "banter" reigns supreme but, being the eager-to-impress newcomer, not wanting to speak up and rock the boat.

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Unconscious Bias And The Colours You’re Wearing

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Aug 8, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Did you know that the colours we wear can affect the way we are perceived? Think about Janet from HR who shows up in all black, Sarah from Accounts who always has those pink fluffy earrings, and Tom in Sales who is quite non-descript except for that bright purple, luminous yellow or post-box-red tie he always pops on.

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Prince Harry Speaks Out On Racism And Unconscious Bias

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Aug 1, 2019 11:11:31 AM

At Maze Training, we’re passionate about exploring our unconscious biases and working hard to recognise and eradicate them. Prince Harry has made headlines this week with his comments on racism – and how it can stem from unconscious bias.

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