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It’s Equal Pay Day, So Stand Up Ladies!

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Nov 13, 2019 4:05:05 PM

Jack and Jill could go up the hill and bring back one hundred apples between them. But Accounts Payable sends a nice £10 to Jack for his troubles, and a less-than-impressive £7 to Jill for the same amount of work. Those pesky XX chromosomes again!

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Prince Harry Speaks Out On Racism And Unconscious Bias

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Aug 1, 2019 11:11:31 AM

At Maze Training, we’re passionate about exploring our unconscious biases and working hard to recognise and eradicate them. Prince Harry has made headlines this week with his comments on racism – and how it can stem from unconscious bias.

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Topics: News, Unconscious Bias

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