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How To Conduct Effective Team Meetings (Why Less Is More)

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Dec 2, 2019 12:14:16 PM

How To Conduct Effective Team Meetings (Why Less Is More)

It’s that time of day again! What time is that? Blueberry muffin time? Dairy Milk o ‘clock? Sadly, not.

It’s time for another meeting - so avoid your people hating you with these tips for a more effective team meeting…

Team meetings are loathed and despised in offices nationwide – but team meetings are often very necessary.

Sometimes it’s not about the information at hand - it’s about making sure everyone is on the same page. However, there are easy, convenient ways to communicate with your employees in 2019, so when you just can’t stop yourself from calling yet another meeting, keep the following in mind:

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Consider NOT Having A Meeting

  • I know, I know… you clicked on this because you want to know how to have an effective meeting, so I’ll assume the meeting will be happening either way. But if you’re still on the fence, only have a meeting if it’s about making decisions - information can be shared in better ways!

Virtual Meetings Vs Face To Face

  • What’s the point of all this tech if we don’t make the most of it? Avoid people spending hours on motorways, use a conference call for your meeting, Facebook Messenger any latecomers and use WhatsApp video to canvass views and bring everyone together. Virtual meetings are the way forward - a face behind a screen is still a face!

Keep It Short

  • Don’t give your productivity-hacking, Starbucks latte-sipping, avocado toast-loving Millennial employees the opportunity to laugh at your cluelessness! The notion that longer hours = enhanced productivity has been debunked, buried, and dug up only to be debunked again. It’s a dated idea but some stubborn managers still cling to it. And avoid meetings late in the day - you may not have to get home, but others do.

Keep It Shorter Than Short

  • We say “keep it short” to stay under an hour, but even an hour is often far too long. It’s no secret that many people struggle to keep their eyes open in stuffy meeting rooms or after a long commute into the office – so trim the fat wherever possible. Don’t delay the start of the meeting (even if your own boss is late!), and always finish on time so others can get to their next commitment.

Follow Up

  • Don’t expect weary employees to remember every single thing that came up in that meeting. Share an action list so that everyone knows what is expected of them and by when.
  • At Maze, we know that many team meetings are important and valuable, but too often badly executed. We can help you make the most of your meeting time to deliver news, updates and information in a way that your team will pay attention to, retain, and action. Don’t send them to sleep – bring them into an Amazing Meeting! Call us today to get started or click here to download our free guide to Amazing Meetings.

Download our FREE 'How To Have Amazing Meetings' guide NOW!

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