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ASDA Goes Above & Beyond

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Feb 20, 2012 11:12:00 AM


Having worked with the ASDA on numerous occasions, its always great to see their company ethos filter down to in store service.

In such a competitive market, there is great competition between national supermarket chains to establish themselves above the crowd. and we know that ASDA as both a brand and company place strong values on delivering customer service that is above and beyond what is expected.

Sometimes its easy to think many companies preach certain values but never act upon them, but having seen this it seems this store manager took leadership to whole new levels in really delivering excellent customer service.

A local store manager upon hearing a gluten free cake on the shelf was unfortunately out of date, which was wanted for a small child filled up two bags of gluten free goodies for the family. The child was delighted, the mother, over joyed at the outcome has converted to ASDA and posted about the experience via her social media account; it certainly makes for cheerful reading!

You can view the conversation here.

Seeing real results in action shows even the biggest of companies listen to their customers.

It made us smile anyway!

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