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5 Signs That Your Training Is Making A Productive Difference In The Workplace

Posted by Nicola Fowler on May 3, 2019 12:24:58 PM

5 Signs That Your Training Is Making A Productive Difference In The Workplace

Investment in training is crucial for building a productive, efficient, and engaged workforce. However, accurately measuring the effectiveness of training can be a challenge. So how are the best ways to do this? Lots of the changes that come from training are powerful yet subtle, and it can take a leader’s eye to notice the difference. Here are the five main signs that training is translating into success.

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1) Productivity

Measuring productivity is not always straightforward, as it depends on many different metrics – including throughput, customer satisfaction, returns rates and wastage. Relying on straight figures can give a false impression, as context can influence the numbers. It’s therefore helpful to use observation. Do your people look engaged, focused, and productive? If so, your training is working. Remember that changes in attitude come first, before they make an impact in your company accounts.

2) Morale

Morale is closely linked to efficiency, creativity, innovation, and low staff turnover. When people feel happy and fulfilled in their roles, they give their best and become a powerhouse of productivity. Academic studies have repeatedly shown that morale is a group dynamic, so it can be judged by assessing the general level of happiness in the workplace. Coaching and one-to-one feedback provide deeper insight into how people think and feel about their jobs, KPIs and colleagues. Positive responses and a cheery workforce are signs of a well-trained and supported team.

3) Ideas, Enthusiasm, & Creativity

When colleagues are truly engaged, they start to care about their workplace. Training aims to develop skillsets that will quickly start to filter into the office in the form of enhanced morale and better productivity. It could be as simple as someone caring enough to tidy the place up a little. Or, the inbox might ping with a ground-breaking email. Colleagues are rich in ideas and insight, and stimulating training can be catalytic in enabling these to flow.

4) Efficient Communication

Communication is a challenge in almost every workplace. Life is filled with misunderstandings, personality clashes, and mismatched skills. Learning to communicate through these differences is not innate: it is an acquired skill. Training and team development brings teams together and helps break down the silos and barriers that prevent groups from working together effectively. If your team is achieving tasks quickly and with fewer destructive arguments, it is a sign that team-building is working well.

5) Problem solving

Great leaders know how to delegate but if the team is functioning poorly this strategy is bound to fail. When teams know how to solve problems effectively, the entire organisation shifts up a gear. Along with critical thinking, problem solving requires good morale, enthusiasm, and communication, and so is part of a broader package of skills. Specially-designed team-building activities are a good way to measure problem-solving capabilities. In the workplace, increased productivity, efficiency, and accuracy are the key indicators.

An Experienced Eye

If you’re not sure whether your current strategy is working, ask an expert for an outside opinion. We are experienced in reading the tone and temperament of an organisation to identify not only whether any training is needed, but also the most effective type. If you would like to learn more, get in touch today.

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