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It Costs Nothing Yet Means So Much So Why Is There So Little Of It?

Posted by Nicola Fowler on Sep 5, 2013 4:16:34 PM

How many managers do you know walk around with a frown on their face?  In fact some I have known frown all of the time because they do not know they are doing it, they are having a hard time themselves or need their eyes testing. There is also the other reason; they think it will make others do what they ask them to do because they are scared!

Frowning and other unfriendly behaviour either brings out aggression or negativity in the other person, or in some case intimidates them.  If you are a frowner what ever their reaction you will not be getting the best out of them and you will not be able to develop them as it will not allow you to communicate effectively.

Smiling however can have a wonderful effect on morale, a smiling manager creates a positive atmosphere, one that people thrive in and infact due to the infectious nature of a smile other are more likely to smile back. 

Smiling is in no way a sign of weakness it indicates openness and confidence, so long as the smile is not a sickly grin of course.  It makes you feel better, reduces negative stress and creates the right atmosphere for others to be attentive and listen.

With all of these benefits and rewards that cost nothing why do we not give feedback to those that walk around with a frown – they may not know they are doing it!

You owe it to them, their colleagues and your business to ask them to turn their frown into a smile and enjoy the rewards that will soon come their way.

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